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Here's A Little About Me

My name is Slayerkey, I have played Competitive FPS games for over 15 years with Valorant being my addiction since its release. I started off Bronze 2 and reached Immortal 3 (#563 NA). I have worked with a thousand players helping them gain OVER 510,000 Total RR. I’m here to empower you with the same knowledge to reach the quickest path to improvement. Expect constructive feedback, efficient progress, and support every step of the way. Imagine understanding the game at such a high level that you shine among the stars.

Over 4 Years

Of Coaching Experience


Players Coached

601 RR

Average Earned by Students

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Unbelievably helpful 🙏

I have never been coached before and my first experience was unbelievably helpful. Slayerkey was very clear and concise and helped me pick apart the problems I was having during the game. He offered tips and techniques along the way that were super helpful and I know I will definitely improve because of them. 10/10 would recommend


Nothing Better 💯

Honestly the best feedback ive gotten from anyone reviewing my gameplay, helped pick out the flaws i had and gave me ways to improve my gameplay. Very helpful and would recommend 10/10


Thank you!😊

I have no words but just thank you. I was stressed at the beginning but Slayerkey just help you get comfortable, and give you a great analyse on your game and on where you need to improve on. Thanks to him, I have a better understanding on team play and how I can become a better player


Better Than Videos 📺

i’ve watched so many youtube videos on how to get better, and nothing amounts to what i’ve gotten from this program so far. i’ve gotten significantly better.


Smooth Brain Fixed 🧠

I have never felt more dumb watching myself play, thank the heavens that Slayerkey is here to handhold me towards being the cerebral player I never thought I could be. I can feel my smooth brain becoming bigger and bigger after every single session. Slayerkey also fixed my parents marriage, TYSM!!!

Learn from the best

Being in the TOP 0.003% of Players, you know you're learning from the best


Learn how to play Val like the pros. I teach you the mechanics and advanced thought processes that lead to success.


Integrate what you have learned from your coaching session to climb to your dream rank.

Have Any Questions?


Still have Questions? Feel free to ask in our discord community with other students and Coach Slayerkey!

Truth is, there’s a lot of small silly understandings that hold us back from performing at our best. As a coach, I help players understand what these are and give them the best tools to apply game-changing attributes based on past students and thousands of hours of experience!

If you want a friendly and comfortable experience where you are not judged and get serious advice from an expert that actually makes a difference, I am the one you are looking for. I love working with students and have the best experience out of any coach when it comes to professional 1:1 experience. I don’t just know how the game works, I know how the players work too.

My coaching sessions are like hot chocolate on a snowy day, we’ll start with introductions, talk back and forth, figure out what your goals are as a player and what you want to achieve. We brutally (yet professionally) roast your gameplay, making sure you fully understand where your improvement lies. Then you receive a session improvement plan before being sent off to ranked hell!

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